charley vella is the creative work of Rachael Levey, owner and designer.
"From around the age of 8 I began designing and making my own clothes.
The fondest moments from my childhood were spent trawling through fabric shops and creating the next design.
With some gentle guidance from my mother, who was an excellent seamstress,
I spent my weekends and spare time cutting patterns on the lounge room floor and sewing into the early hours.
As a young adult I pursued different careers in the hope of finding fulfilment and happiness, however,
it wasn't until I returned to my love of textiles and clothing design that these feelings started flooding back in.
Having already completed of a Diploma of Fashion Design at Melbourne School of Fashion,
things started to change course in 2009 when I started creating my own designs again.
I launched my first designs at the Byron Markets in 2010 with a simple rack of hand sewn A line skirts.
The following year on a trip to Bali a friend introduced me to a manufacturer and the range expanded."
The label quickly developed a reputation for modern feminine style with a focus on comfort and practicality.
In 2014 the business relocated to Sydney's Northern Beaches where a series of pop-up shops paved the way for success in the city.
The Fresh Fox Boutique (also owned by Rachael) was the sole stockist of the label for many years, however with the closure of the shop in May 2018,
Rachael has been able to dedicate her time solely to designing and building the label.
If you like fashion and also value your comfort then you'll love charley vella where style and fit collide with every day comfort in versatile pieces.

 About the name:

"The name charley vella was created by a dear friend who shuffled around the letters of my own name.
I liked the anonymity of using a name that wasn't my own and the unusual,
slightly exotic sound of the name she'd created represented my designs well."